Bakery – Fresh Bread Daily

We have a very talented Irish Baker; Mick, with many years of experience behind him in the bread baking industry and his understudy Shona. On a daily basis we always have white, wholemeal, granary loaves and stilton and walnut. We also offer olive bread, multiseed bread and sour dough bread. We occasionally do Spelt bread if requested. The white, wholemeal and granary are all £2 a loaf to takeaway, all other loaves are £2.80.

As well as enjoying the bread to takeaway you can try it as part of a meal in our restaurant, such as toast with breakfast, as a bread basket for lunch / dinner, a sandwich, with our cheese boards and specially made ciabatta for our homemade burgers.

Bakery Workshops

Come in for a Bakery Workshop with Mick, a chance to learn about making bread from an expert, he has worked alongside the world renowned Paul Hollywood, where they have traded their skills and expertises in order to develop the taste and texture of their breads. This is a fantastic opportunity if you want to come in and see the skill that is involved in different types of bread making. You will be able to take home a selection of the breads you make. In the future Mick is hoping to make bread in the traditional Irish way, using a hot plate and no yeast ! You can have all of this for £50, booking in advance is essential – please email us on in order to arrange your workshop today.

Multi Seed , Olive and White Loaves


Sour Dough LoavesSourdough

Stilton & Walnut Loaves


Cream Tea – available all day every day


Tea or Americano with one scone, clotted cream and jam £3.30

For two scones: £4.40

With a Hot Chocolate, Cappucino or Latte: +£0.40

Our Baker Mick’s delicious scones baked fresh here every day, we do fruit, plain and cherry – and occasionally have treacle scones.

We also do cheese scones for those of you with a savoury palate.

Coffee beans

Home Roasted and ground coffee beans to serve you the best coffees!