Here is how to stick to your diet and enjoy a meal with friends

Is your social or romantic life suffering because you are on a strict diet? There is no need to stay locked in your home until you lose those extra pounds! You can enjoy spending time out with your partner, family or friends once in a while and still stick to your diet plan and weight loss and fitness goals.
Here are some tips on eating out and still sticking to your healthy diet
1. Plan ahead
Go ahead and look at the restaurant’s website to plan your healthy meal before actually going. There are restaurants which will allow you to build a custom menu too! So, pick what you will be ordering, calculate those calories, and just stick to your plan when you go to the restaurant.
2. Check the calories
Many restaurants already have the calories of each dish included in their menus. If this is not the case, there are easy ways to calculate the calories in a meal via the various mobile apps available which feature calorie counting calculators and other food and health-related information.
3. Do some smart swapping
Why not limit the calories you will consume when you go out by making slight re-arrangements to what you would normally order? Choose salad Fresca instead of cheese, or grilled chicken instead of deep-fried chicken? They can be delicious and you can rest assured that you haven’t compromised your diet!

4. Drink water or sparkling water
Forget about the sodas and sugary drinks. Order a glass of sparkling water with a lemon slice instead.
5. Avoid unhealthy salad dressing
Make sure you order your salad with the dressing on the side, so you can avoid it altogether or at least limit the quantity you consume with your veggies.
6. Look for sautéed or grilled veggies or meat
These options are not only yummy but are also healthier and with fewer calories than the fried ones.
7. Go for light crusted pizza with light cheese
Forget about the pepperoni and tons of cheese on your pizza. Instead, choose a diet friendlier option with less dough and fewer fats.
8. Don’t be shy to share with your friends
Don’t be embarrassed to tell your friends about your decision to lead a healthier life and eat healthier food. This will not only make you feel more comfortable when picking what to order and when actually eating it, but will also bring you the support and understanding of your friends as well.
So, go ahead and plan that next romantic dinner or a fun time out with your friends with a clear conscience now!

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